This Personal Data policy is a help in understanding which data we collect, how and why we collect it and what we use it for. In addition, the person's rights in relation to our processing of Personal Data are also described.

Who are we?

OmegaSteel A/S
Linkoepingvej 10
DK-4900 Nakskov
Phone: +45 32 13 79 13
VAT No.: DK 31 93 67 80

OmegaSteel A/S and its subsidiaries are responsible as the controller of your data, which we collect and process while doing business with you and your company. All Personal Data are processed in accordance with the applicable data protection laws (GPDR).

Which Data do we Process?

In connection with the company's daily operations, we collect and process Personal Data about

  • board members
  • shareholders
  • applicants
  • employees
  • customers
  • suppliers
  • internal and external contacts

Personal Data may comprise:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Social security number
  4. Telephone number
  5. Mail address
  6. Occupation/title
  7. Bank and account information
  8. Tax information

which may originate from board member and shareholder contracts, employment contracts, job applications, CVs/data lists, diplomas, certificates of apprenticeships, welding certification, course certificates, photos etc.

The company processes the above data in connection with the day-to-day management, registrations with the authorities, cf. applicable legislation, job applications and employment processes, payroll processing and payment, order handling and other customer relationships and contracts, purchases from suppliers and in the daily general dialogue and correspondence with internal and external contacts.

How we Handle Personal Data

In general, and as employment and other contracts contain a clause, all data remain under confidentiality and professional secrecy. By signing said contracts, the clause is acceded and enforced.

When we ask for Personal Data, you give it to us voluntarily. If not, it may mean that agreements cannot be entered with our company.

Protection of Personal Data

Our management and administration protect Personal Data by filing it in separate mail folders with no connection to the company’s server. A PC password is needed for access. Personal Data on paper is kept in folders in a code-locked, fireproof box. One administrator has the password and code to PC and box, respectively, and procedures for updating and disabling of current passwords, both periodically and at resignations and role/job rotation, have been established.

Access to Personal Data

Access to Personal Data is limited to manager and administrator, who are responsible for ensuring that said information is only made available to other persons in the organization for business purposes.

Handling of Personal Data

Administrator has been fully instructed in how Personal Data must be handled and protected. Administrator is also responsible for instructing other persons in the organization if they need access to the data for professional reasons.

Attempted Unauthorized Access

We register unsuccessful attempts to access OmegaSteel A/S’ IT system with sensitive Personal Data, and if several rejected access attempts are registered, our IT manager will block further visits.

If necessary to store Personal Data on USB keys or other portable data media, the data is protected by using password and encryption, and any storage is in a locked drawer or a code-locked, fireproof box.

Updated firewall and virus programmes are installed on all computers.

If sensitive Personal Data is sent by e-mail via the Internet, it is protected and - depending on sensitivity degree – encrypted.

Repair and Service of IT Equipment

When repairing and servicing computer equipment that contains Personal Data, and when data media are sold or discarded, we take all necessary precautions, so that Personal Data cannot come to the knowledge of unauthorized persons.

We have with our IT supplier entered a Data Processing Agreement, which prescribes the precautions and thus ensures that Personal Data does not reach unauthorized persons and can be deleted on request.

Storage and Disposal of Personal Data

  • Customer-specific data is stored for as long as the customer relationship lasts for documentation, after-sales service as well as quality assurance.
  • Company-specific data (board minutes, shareholder registers, accounts, etc.) is stored for as long as the Danish Accounting Act prescribes.
  • Employee-specific data is stored as of the application process and until the employment ends.
  • Personal Data received by unsolicited job applications to the company is stored for 6 months, after which it is deleted/shredded.

Disclosure of Login Information to Third Party

OmegaSteel A/S does not pass on information to any 3rd party unless you have expressed your consent.

OmegaSteel A/S disclaims any responsibility in connection with the disclosure of login information to any 3rd party.

Protection of Personal Data

According to the Data Protection Act, Personal Data must be stored securely and confidentially. We store Personal Data on computers with restricted access and located in controlled facilities, and OmegaSteel A/S’ security measures are continuously checked to determine whether Personal Data is handled properly and under current respect for the user's rights. However, OmegaSteel A/S cannot guarantee 100 percent security of data transfers via the Internet, and Personal Data is thus provided at your own risk.

Rights and Complaints

It is at any time possible to

  • ascertain the Personal Data processed by us.
  • get incorrect Personal Data processed by us corrected.
  • get your Personal Data deleted if no longer needed.
  • have the processing of your Personal Data restricted.
  • object to the processing of your Personal Data.
  • get read out the information we process (data portability).

If our processing of Personal Data gives any cause for dissatisfaction, a complaint can be submitted to the Danish Data Protection Agency.


OmegaSteel A/S reserves the right to change the current terms. In case of questions about the policy, please contact us at


This Personal Data Policy is valid as of 25th May 2018.

Latest version: 07.07.2021.